What We Gain from Traveling…

9 Major Benefits from Traveling

Traveling creates wholesome and well-rounded versions of you because it is life changing and promising. In traveling you will be investing a part  of your  time and financial resources. Nonetheless, more than the cost of time and money, it enumerates many long-lasting advantages.

Tokyo City is an advance science city that entails technological breakthroughs. Traveling here by yourself requires  mindfulness with the rules and analytic about symbols that they usually utilize. However, if you are uncertain of things, do not hesitate to ask locals. Its better to be sure than being regretful. Bench-marking moments.
1.Benchmarking and Localization  traveling entails observing the lifestyle and folk ways of other people. There are problems that they  face that are almost  similar to your local problems. Poverty, crime, inconvenience, sustainability are the perennial problems of the world. By simply immersing with them, you learn their basic and unique ways on how to solve problems. Therefore, when you get back home, you adapt their style in your own local ways.  
Ship for Southeast Asian Japan Youth Program event in Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore in December,2013. I am a delegate from the Philippines..
2.Open Mindedness-traveling creates an avenue of differences. Eventually you will meet people who are willing to study your culture and vice versa. With that sense, you will become able to welcome and accept differences whole heartedly.
Cambodia’s continued quest to preserve the millennium old structures of unknown builders.                                                                                                                                   4.Resourcefulness and Creativity-traveling entails you to utilize your local materials and be innovative  to create possibilities.
MalacaÑan Palace. It was my first time to see the grandeur of our country. The seat of power and democracy in the Philippines.

5.Nationalism-travelling allows you to explore your own self and go deeper to your uniqueness. By being exposed to the different culture, you will learn to appreciate your own culture, your identity, your geography and your future.

Dinengdeng Festival is an annual celebration in my home town featuring the 101 ways of cooking nutritious local vegetables.

6.Sharing Culture-travelling gives you opportunities to carry your flag and your heritage as a whole. There will be people who are very curious where you come from and basically ask about the Philippines. Be ready to answer questions about social, economical, and political in the most ambassadorial way. Whatever actions you show, it can be stereotyped.  Therefore, act with utmost discipline and control temptation. Let us be proud of our Filipino culture with moderations to avoid    xenocentrism

Banaue Rice terraces is a 2000-year old structure of sustainable farming in the Mountain Province in Luzon.                                                                                                                                                          
 7.Photojournalism and Artistry-travelling allows you to captivate  a perfect shot of landscape views, lifestyle, culture, and folkways. Therefore, your basic artistic instincts are being developed. Plus your interest sustaining captions and blogging will also be refined. 
High Jump shot at Bicol region overlooking the plains occupied by coconut grooves.            
    8.Health Benefits-travelling requires you to walk trails, run to catch rushing transportation , climb a height of rocky mountains, sit and balance a bridge or a boat. You may also add a mental relaxations and brings a better imaginative exercise on a vast horizons that you experience. In general, it will bring a   total health rejuvenation. It will help you get rid of your tired bodies and ruined spirits to give way to a blooming self.   
Solo traveling at Asakusa District, Tokyo City bringing LeAmoure Perfume business.                                                                                                                                                             9.Business Opportunities-traveling help build connections to people with same interests. Marketing and networking through multilevel business can be successful. I am engaged with “LeAmoure Perfume” scent of France.                                                    Networking is the worlds’ most stable marketing where possibilities are infinite.
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The Gift Behind Discipline and Perseverance: His Journey to Greatness


“Serving humanity is not just an obligation; it is a choice, a culture, a lifestyle”

Dr.Erwin C. Llavore


               An open hand willing to serve others without expecting anything in return. A man full of positivism and enthusiasm in embracing the culture of service above self. A man who believes that he can make great difference through maximizing his leadership potentials and establishing collaboration with others. A man who believes that his success comes from making others successful. These  statements best describe  Dr.Erwin Carbonell Llavore, a Secondary School III in Science in President Elpidio Quirino National High School in Agoo, La Union.

                       Touching lives of the future by being a teacher is truly what he wants to be. He is aware of the sacrifices and challenges behind the noble calling. Nevertheless, he choose to embrace this lifelong commitment  and continue the legacy for generations because he believes that the future depends on teaching.


He possesses the significant qualities of being an effective teacher in the school and a well rounded member of the society. With his full dedication and passion, he devotes himself to teaching. Together with the youth, he  stands and takes  an active  part in  building a progressive Philippines. He always believes in the capacity of the youth in building positivism and brighter future of our nation. This vision actually motivates him in accepting the responsibility  of bringing a quality education.




As a person, he is religious and God-fearing. He is aware of  his moral obligations to help his fellowmen in the way he can by spreading the good values of discipline, honesty, humility and integrity which are  very important virtues that every  Filipino should posses.  He has sensitivities to the feelings of people but not to compromise telling what is righteous and truthful.



He is a  cheerful and a collaborative teacher. He  works best with a diverse group of people. He believes that conflicts and differences enable everyone to learn from. Moreover, he considers that every personality has a salient role to the success of every goal. He put differences to a common denominator and handle problems that are related to human relations. He makes good judgements in spite of work pressure. These manifest to his good relationships to his fellowmen who motivate him to work better.



Mr. Erwin C. Llavore  is  an asset and  brings honour to his school-President Elpidio Quirino National High School. This year, his dedication to teaching and commitment to community service were recognized by the President Elpidio Quirino Foundation when they adjudged him  as Top 3  Most Outstanding Teacher in his category to the  Guro to Pangulo  National Award in 2015. Last school year, he was awarded by the Provincial Government as well as the  DepEd Division of La Union as one of the Top Ten Most Outstanding Teacher in the province. In 2016, the Municipality of Agoo honoured him as one of the Top 10 Most Outstanding Teacher of Agoo.









Moreover, he bagged an award as  Champion and Top 5 in several Module Writing Contests within the Division in 2010 and 2011. He also conducted action researches which he shares to his fellow teachers to solve difficulties in learning.

He believes that he is  responsible in keeping himself competent.  With this, he innovates and upgrades himself by pursuing higher studies like Master of Arts in Educational Management and Doctor of Education which he already graduated. Aside from this, he still hoping to pursue related courses in the future




Erwin Llavore is also an Advocate of Youth Literacy for Environmental Protection and Peace. He spearheaded the program Elpidian SWAT: as an initiative towards better waste management in the school in 2011. The program garnered 2nd Place in terms of best school initiative towards excellence or Project S.I.T.E. initiated by the Division of La Union.  Up to the present, the project ideas are still functional and sustainable. He still manages the MRF and decomposing facilities. In like manner, he initiates means to extend the program to many communities.PROJECT ELPIDIAN SWAT

He developed student leaders through establishing student groups. The Elpidian S.W.A.T. (Environmental Science Club) , the Interact Club of President Elpidio Quirino National High School sponsored by RI 3790, Rotary Club of Agoo and  the Young Researchers Club of President Elpidio Quirino National High School. All these clubs are recognized by the National Youth Commission as functional school-based organizations. This year, he extended networks of  student groups even beyond our school like the Interact Club of Agoo Montessori Learning High School Inc, Interact Club of Saint Mary’s Academy-Agoo, Rotaract Club of Philippine College of Northwestern Philippines and the Rotaract Club of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University.




Japan Port of Call

A positive pride to our country was brought by Mr. Erwin Llavore when he represented the Filipino Youth to Japan and ASEAN communities as  one of the  Youth Ambassadors of Goodwill in the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japan Youth Program in 2013. This was sponsored by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. This had made him  a better influence and had opened opportunities for international collaboration, cross-cultural understanding and  community outreach programs.



As an Ambassador of Goodwill, he took an active part in implementing the Project S.H.A.R.E.( SSEAYP Helps Assists Rehabilitates and Empowers) a rehabilitation  program for communities devastated by Typhoon Yolanda in  Tacloban City and Municipality of Alang alang, Leyte in the year 2014. In the same year, he went offshores and attended as a Filipino volunteer to the “I Need Care Camp 10” sponsored by the Labor Rights Promotion Network and Thailand SSEAYP40   which intends to protect children and Myanmar illegal immigrants from human trafficking through awareness of the rights and education in Samutsakhon Province, Thailand. Therefore, he is not only  concerned to Filipino youth but also concerned  youth from the rest of the world.  He is  still connected to the program being   an Alumnus to the Ship for Southeast Asian Japan Youth Program International Philippines ( SSEAYJP International Philippines) which aims to encourage and cultivate cooperation between and among members of the different youth in ASEAN and Japan towards the creation of a peaceful community.




Beyond teaching hours, he serves the community at his best. He is now a Director on Youth Service with Rotary Club of Agoo, and  Scout Master of the  Boy Scout of the Philippines. With these, he creates a bridge of collaboration with the different agencies, teachers and the student clubs to deliver and implement countless salient projects needed by the society. These projects are focused on areas such as Peace and Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Children Health, Literacy and Basic Education and Economic and Community Development. Specifically, he benchmarked a “PROJECT INTERACTIVE SHARE” that focuses on community development through sharing knowledge, sharing life and sharing a smile.  Its main goal is to develop optimistic outlook to the community while bringing hope and inspiration to the society. With this project, he established a profound partnership with  the Interact Club of Montclair High School that is based in United States. They are the Interact club sending support through mutual project agreements.PROJECT INTERACTIVE SHARE(PHASE I)


Due to collective community efforts, he was awarded a Vocational Awards and Certificate of Merit from Rotary Club of  Agoo, as well as Paul Harris Fellow Recognition and Presidential Citations to clubs from Rotary International. In like manner, he achieved a National Bronze Award from Boy Scout of the Philippines.


He is always willing to  share his expertise and significant learning experiences from trainings and journeys abroad. He served as a Guest of Honor and Speaker at his Alma Mater, Macalva Elementary School likewise during the 2014 Recognition Program for Outstanding Students of College of Education in Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, as well as Resource Speaker during Job Placement Seminar Workshop in the same year. He had been a demonstration teacher utilizing different teaching strategies for numerous times in the division and regional level. Lately, he shared to his fellow teachers about  action research writing during Learning Action Cell sessions for teachers in his school and other high schools.

To communicate the good deeds, he established a self-supporting and functional newsletter “The Elpidian S.W.A.T, where he develops student writers from the  Interact Club of PEQNHS. This will help spread their advocacies and create  an avenue for teamwork. Moreover, the students  learn to become responsible while  exercising their freedom to express their opinions.

When it comes to personality, he is   blessed with a balance of initiative, competence and respect. Apparently, he is a person with good attitude-a balance of humility and courage to speak for the things he believes. A contented person who is goal oriented and willing to share for others. For him opportunities, improvements, honour and greatness are merely products of discipline, wise decision and good choice in life. He has a quality of a good leader who helps individuals realize their goals by working together. He is envisioned to create more significant projects for the coming years ahead.


In 2016,  he was blessed more than what he worked for when he reached the Holy Land of Jerussalem and extended his global integration by qualifying to an International Science Scholarship sponsored by MASHAV. This  is Israel’s government agency for international development cooperation.Aside from the scientific  knowledge, breakthroughs and modern approach to education, he was able to live and interact with academicians whom he considers as windows  to  the different continents of the world.






Erwin Llavore is proud as a teacher who believes that teaching is a gift. Inspiring the youth is a privilege. Touching  one’s heart to make a difference  is a blessing. For him, teaching profession is not just a mission, but a choice, a culture, a lifestyle….He stands for a continued working and committing to excellence!




About the Blog…

          Teacher adventurer is a blog recounting my nostalgic experiences of my travel. I had visited many countries and territories already (about 17 nations) but still looking forward to navigating the world like a free bird- a citizen without borders.
        Traveling for me is a wholesome stress relieving, a feeling that I exist like the wind, the water and a silt that go where they are destined to go, believing it will end up to certainties somewhere else.


Advocacy and Insights of Traveling

I am an advocate of peace and environmental protection through literacy. I promote environmental protection and peace through literacy and cultural understanding.

I look at the world as a wonderful and interesting thing more than one could imagine. The difference that unfolds every creature, every culture, society and people make it enthusiastic to learn and reflect from. Experiencing culture and heritage through travel and immersion is a complete learning deeper than what is read on the book and internet sources. Bringing yourself to another dimension of you and experiencing other’s unique ways make your learning everlasting. This goes like “If a picture paints a thousand words, immersion inculcates unforgettable memories”.

I am a teacher traveler by heart. I’m so much interested in meeting different people, seeing different places, trying different cultures and traditions. It’s through diversity that binds the world to be stronger and flexible. With this strength, I connect to promote peace and cultural understanding.

I travel without sacrificing my classes. In fact, travelling makes me a better person and more efficient and more motivated person. I am an inspiration to my students from the expedition I had. I teach them how to appreciate their own self and respect differences. If I had a chance, I would like to bring my classes to another dimension of traveling beyond what we learn from the corners of our room.

With all of these, whenever we travel we see vast nature which needs to be protected from exploitation. Whenever I travel, I take the advantages of talking to people and inculcating  to them the significance of taking good care of the environment…


Financing my Travels.

I am not a high ranking teacher, but most people wonder why I am capable of  travelling  more than anyone else with same or higher position. Since 2013, I travel an average of 3-4 countries a year. So, how did I support my travels?

I got the chance of traveling  through many possible ways like scholarships and state to state programs (Japan’s Ship for South East Asian Japan Youth Program in 2013 and Israel’s MASHAV scholarship in  2016 respectively).

Ship for South East Asian Japan Youth Program is a diplomatic , cultural social integration that exists between Japan and the ASEAN nations bringing together 300 youth from Japan and ASEAN to live together on Board. In this program, they will maximize friendship through cross cultural understanding programs along with social and global issues. At the end, they will come up with a policy addressing issues with relevant solutions.

MASHAV Scholarship held in Jerusalem, Israel on May 22-June 10,2016.


MASHAV is Israel’s Agency for International Collaboration in education, culture, science and technology. It aims to train people regarding technology and research based methodology in teaching, training and agriculture..

Moreover, I can visit many places by lifestyle modification thru cost cutting and saving some of my luxurious lifestyle (like using  cell phone oppo instead of iphone).

Furthermore, I engaged myself to additional part time job aside from my DepEd teaching position (teaching in other private colleges during weekends) but prior to it, I  seek approved teaching permit from DepEd for legalities.



Wearing my school’s type B uniform, I visited Asakusa, Tokyo last February. Enjoying the freezing cold weather with that kind of clothes

Being flexible, I am doing good business like multi-level marketing( LeAmoure Perfume Retailing).

If you wish to be engaged and learn about the business, please contact me at 09279743524 or send messages at my facebook account name erwin llavore.

Bringing LeAmoure Perfume in Tokyo City, Japan.

            At the same time, I can travel because of creativity and resourcefulness. I ensure that I travel at the lowest cost because I don’t travel if it is too lavish.

Therefore, scholarships, savings, extra income, multi-level marketing and innovation are my ways on how to support my travels.